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Involvement Opportunities

The High Tech Center Training Unit provides several opportunities for California Community College faculty and staff to participate. We will be providing additional information about these programs shortly. If you have questions or an interest in participating, please do not hesitate to contact the HTCTU at 408-996-4636.

Advisory Committee Participation

High Tech Center Training Unit advisory committee members serve two-year terms and represent each of the 10 California community college regions.  The advisory committee also includes representatives from other Disabled Student Programs and Services grant-funded programs, the California State Department of Rehabilitation, and the CSU and UC systems. Please see our list of current Advisory Committee Members, or browse our archive of Advisory Minutes. Advisory members review High Tech Center activities, program direction, and outcome studies, providing guidance and direction from the field.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact the head of your region. To find out which region your school resides in, see our alphabetical list of California Community College Regions. You will find a list of regional coordinators and their contact information at the Galvin Group website.

Braille Note Program

The HTCTU has 15 BrailleNote personal notetakers (3 of which are equipped with GPS) available for loan to qualified Braille-using blind students in the California community colleges.

Equipment loans are for one school year beginning in late August or early September and going through June. Special arrangements can be made so that students taking summer classes can extend the loan. Depending on the number of applications for equipment, students may also be allowed to use the equipment for more than one year.

Loan applications are available on the HTCTU Website in May for the following school year. First preference is given to schools that meet the application deadline, but applications are accepted until all the machines have been assigned on loan. Application must be made by whoever at the school will be overseeing the loan, not by students themselves. An audio training tape is included with the equipment. To apply, please fill out a BrailleNote Application Form.

Equipment is maintained by the HTCTU. Contact HTCTU Director Gaeir Dietrich at (408) 996-6047 if you have any questions on repair or maintenance of the equipment.

Curriculum Contributions

The High Tech Center Training Unit is happy to make available original curricular materials developed by California community college high-tech center, alternate media, Web access, and learning disability specialists from around the state.  We make such materials available here at www.htctu.net, on the Training Curriculum Contributions page.  We can accept curricular materials in a wide variety of formats including PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word, and most other book publishing formats. Please contact program director Gaeir Dietrich at (408) 996-6047 to discuss contributions.

Experts from the Field Trainings

Recognizing the enormous wealth of technical and instructional expertise represented by high tech center specialists, alternate media specialists, learning disabilities and Web accessibility specialists in the California community colleges, the High Tech Center Training Unit frequently provides the opportunity for such persons to share their knowledge with the entire California community college system.  These "Experts from the Field" trainings take place both at the High Tech Center's offices and at community colleges around the state.  If you are interested in proposing a training, please contact Gaeir Dietrich at (408) 996-6047 to discuss your ideas.


From time to time, the High Tech Center Training Unit offers internships where there is clear evidence of potential benefit to Disabled Student Services Programs within the California community colleges.  If you areinterested in discussing an internship, please contact the program director, Gaeir Dietrich, at (408) 996-6047.