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It is recommended to use MathType when creating equations in MS Word. This gives the greatest number of uses for the Math once it has been created. The document can be exported to HTML, ePub, or used as-is.


MathType is software designed to help type and hand-write mathematical notation to easily include quality math equations in documents and digital content. MathType is available for desktop, web (Google Docs), and MS Word on iPad. The more important aspect is the creation of MathML, which can be created with programs other than MathType. MathType is currently the most popular math editor on the market.

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There are times when math will be created in another format. The Microsoft Word equation editor will create math as OML objects, which will help create ePub files.

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The following are some common scenarios when creating accessible instructional content. Note: more content will be added to this section over time.